From the very first glance it’s clear that Drive is a design boat. The unique look and feel has Scandinavian design written all over it. But good design is not just about the looks. At Drive Boats every design decision is made in order to enhance functionality. Drive never settles for less than excellence in usability, safety and driveability. It’s all about design – from the details to the big picture.

Mannerfelt meets Fiskars

The world famous designers at Mannerfelt Design Team have thrown in their skills with Fiskars Boats. Fiskars Boats is known primarily for Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster – its innovative and technologically advanced aluminium boat production philosophy as well as the supremely functional design of our Buster range of aluminium boats. As a result of the cooperation we present Drive Boats, a whole new concept of pleasure boats.

Design serving function

When it comes to the ergonomics, Drive is true to the Fiskars heritage. Supportive sporty seats, well-placed controls, driver and crew safety, and clear all-round visibility. The driver environment is especially designed to ensure the optimum drive feel. In Drive Boats form, design and engineering always have an ultimate goal: improving the boat in addition to dressing it up.


Expect more. Drive.
From your car, you expect performance and good looks. From your gadgets you expect usability and functionality. Expect no less from your boat.

We at Drive Boats have set our standards high and ask our customers to demand the best quality. Every Drive is designed to fulfill expectations of contemporary lifestyle.