Open 50

Form and functionality hand in hand. The Drive Open 50 is a multifunctional design boat with aluminium hull technology construction. While the aluminium hull makes it safe and easy to maintain, the well thought out layout makes it versatile. Two consoles with windshields, the driver’s ergonomics and excellent driveability provides a genuinely sporty Drive.

Drive Open 50 is a perfect example of the superior Drive features: sturdy yet silent aluminium hulls that can not be achieved with any other technology: you can pilot your boat directly and safely straight ashore and pull the light-weight boat on land without worries; regardless of whether you are on a sandy beach or a rocky shore.


Length: 5,08 m
Beam: 2,08 m
Draught: 0,35 m
V-bottom angle: 16 dgs
Max. engine power: 75 hp
Engine power range: 50-75 hp
Max. speed: 31 knots
Capacity: 6
Design category: C
Weight: 500 kg