Open 56

Even more spacious. Even more practical. Even more flexible. New to the Drive range of boats in 2013, the Open 56 breaks new ground with its spacious design. Continuing in the uncompromising tradition of the Drive range, the boat has been designed to be easily adaptable for fishing, watersports and day-to-day boating. The Open 56 offers the best interior spaces in its class, delighting with its combination of practicality and sheer boating pleasure.

A clear sign of the Open 56’s adaptability is the number of engine options available. Ranging from 60hp up to 100hp, there is sure to be an engine to suit everybody: a 60hp engine can economically transport small loads and a 100hp engine provides power and performance for those who need it. Choose your own – the Open 56 will take care of the rest.


Length: 5,6 m
Beam: 2,25 m
Draught: 0,4 m
V-bottom angle: 19 dgs
Max. engine power: 100 hp
Engine power range: 60-100 hp
Capacity: 7
Design category: C
Weight: 620 kg