Open 42

Small is beautiful. And in this case it is also light and practical. The Open 42 complements the Drive range of boats by adding a new boat size, and does it with style: the design uses every centimetre to best effect. The boat is spacious and flexible for its size, easily accommodating four people and luggage, whether you’re setting out to your holiday home, to fishing waters or for a day’s boating for the sheer pleasure of it. The steering console is equipped with a windscreen to shield you from strong winds and splashes and to make boating that little bit more stylish and enjoyable.

The Drive Open 42 has been designed for good aesthetics and practicality, as well as for safety. It is economical and offers consistent, stable handling. It is made of aluminium, making it durable and easy to drive, while offering excellent control. These factors, combined with an unsinkable structure, ensure safe boating for both beginners and experienced boaters alike. Get on board!

Length: 4,15 m
Beam: 1,65 m
Draught: 0,18 m
V-bottom angle: 10 dgs
Max. engine power: 20 hv
Engine power range: 6-20 hv
Capacity: 4
Design category: D
Weight: 160 kg